Improve employee wellbeing with the help of yoga, breathing and meditation classes.

  • Tailor-made programs suited for your organization

  • Sessions can be live-streamed or in your office

  • Certified and experienced teachers exclusively




Mental & physical health in your workplace

Working from home or from the office results in spending many hours behind a desk sitting in an unnatural position causing different kinds of physical problems. Spending a lot of time in video calls can make you feel drained and stressed. Working from home or remotely makes it difficult to feel connected to your co-workers, which can make you feel isolated.

In our online yoga, meditation and breathing classes we work with the body, the mind and the breath, which can help to make you feel better. The classes can, among others, increase flexibility and strength, release stress and anxiety and improve sleep quality. Yoga can also compensate the complications caused by spending a lot of time sitting behind a desk. In general, the classes can improve the mental and physical wellbeing of your employees.

Joining live-streamed classes allows people in your workplace to improve their physical and mental health while connecting with their co-workers. They can stay at home, in the office or elsewhere and directly dial in to join the online class. So your employees can take a break without having to travel and lose time. Classes are taught in English and are live-streamed at a specific time on a regular basis, which stimulates practicing together at that given moment and let it become part of their routine.