Sofie Lievens

Sofie Lievens

Sofie (1989) is the founder of ‘Prosperity for People’ and has been teaching yoga since 2018. After she studied Communication Science (Bachelor & Master) she pursued a Master in Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship which she completed in 2013. Subsequently, she worked in multiple positions at Spotify for almost five years. In 2018 she decided to become self-employed and started her own businesses. 

Sofie has been interested in yoga from when she was 16 years old. She started practicing yoga because she wanted to reduce her back pain and because she was inspired by her mom and grandma who were already practicing yoga for years. 

Over the years she intensified her own practice and completed a Hatha yoga teacher training in 2017 (RYT, 200 hours, Yoga Alliance). She has been teaching yoga ever since. In 2021 she completed her Advanced Teacher Trainings at Delight Yoga (RYT, 300+ hours, Yoga Alliance). In these Advanced studies she deepened her knowledge and experience in yoga, ayurveda, mindfulness, breathwork and meditation. 

Yoga has brought her a great deal on multiple levels. Besides her body becoming more flexible, balanced and strong, practicing yoga has made her much more self-steering. She believes yoga continuously helps to turn inwards and manage energy more effectively, which results in the diminishing of stress and creating from the inside out.

Because of her experience in both the field of yoga and the corporate world she has a clear understanding of the challenges that many professionals are facing these days and what practices can support their body, mind and spirit. Through her teachings she guides people towards a more balanced and prosperous life.

Catherine Kam

Kasia Kamkow

Kasia is a yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher, as well as Ayurvedic Marma Therapist. She began to share her practice and teach after having worked for 10 years as a Brand Marketing Manager in the sports industry, at Adidas and Nike. Her lifelong passion has been sports as she played tennis, volleyball, run, skied, and practiced pilates and fitness. Her first encounter with yoga was in 2009, in Toronto, when she visited her aunt. In Singapore, where Kasia lived while studying, she discovered meditation and mindfulness. A couple of years later, a severe accident in running, which left her incapable of walking for two years, was a turning point, through which she fully dive into spirituality and yogic, and meditation practices.“It has been the most challenging and transformative period in my life and yoga has been of great support for me.”– she says.

After having practiced and explored yoga on her own, she completed the Yoga Teachers Training with Delight Yoga under the tutelage of the senior yoga and meditation teachers Katiza Satya and Kevin Sahaj. Later on, she also did Advanced Teachers Studies (RYT, 300+ hours, Yoga Alliance) with the same teachers, which included training in Ayurveda, Mindfulness, Healing Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation. She has also followed various yoga teachings from Eddie Stern, Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor, Petri Raisanen, Paul and Suzee Grilley, and Donna Farhi. Besides, Kasia loves to study Ayurveda, she has been a student of Victoria Hyndman and her teacher Dr. Vasant Lad. She also attended the Foundations of Ayurveda by Drs. Welsch and Svaboda, as well as the Healing Touch of Marma Therapy with Dr. V.Lad. In 2022, she finished the Pranayama Teachers Training with Sudhir Tiwari in KaivalayaDhama tradition. As for Meditation and Buddhist teachings, she’s a student of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.

“Yoga is a way of life for me. Daily morning practice is a mirror. It has the ability to show me- me. It brings me closer to who I really am, reveals where I still have work to do, and oftentimes gives me space “to be at ease with what is”. My practice is an opportunity to reflect and gain insights into how I want to live my life and who I choose to be. It makes me more awake, conscious, balanced, and connected to myself and those around me.” 

It is her passion and joy to share yoga with others. In her classes, she emphasizes the connection between the body, breath, and mind. She teaches the importance of natural breath, establishing moment-by-moment awareness, and developing the attitude of the witness. She gives individual, and group sessions, and assists in Yoga Teacher Trainings. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance.