Arjen – Founder Plygrnd.city

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“I experience Prosperity for People as warm and comforting, yet challenging and refreshing. The class has a great build up that starts and ends with meditative flows and builds up to challenging and fun body postures and flows. Fun fact: after the class I feel both relaxed and revived.”

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Sonja – Yoga teacher

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“Sofie is first and foremost a very friendly and warm human with an authentic presence. She has a strong sense of people and adapts the level of the practice to the level of her students. In class I especially appreciated her thoughtful approach to movement and alignment. I truly enjoyed every session she held.”


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Suriani Sam – yoga teacher at EarthSeaYoga

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“Sofie is well grounded with high energy and extremely aware of the mind-body connection. Her senses are highly attuned and I can tell from watching her in class and discussing yoga with her, she understands and feels the deep healing benefits of yoga. Sofie is a compassionate, creative, genuine, loving and dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher. She is one of those rare people you meet in life that you never forget and I am confident she will go on to be an exemplary yoga instructor.”
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